Estate Planning

Wills, Trusts & Powers of Attorney


Michael P. Dreiling is an experienced and accomplished probate attorney in both Missouri and Kansas. In addition to being a member of probate law committees in Kansas City and Johnson County, Mr. Dreiling has been a presenter at a Missouri probate CLE and was named a Missouri and Kansas 2008 Rising Star in Probate and Estate Planning.

Mr. Dreiling has created countless wills and trusts, both complex and simple, for individuals, both married and single. With the recent election results in 2008, the estate tax may be rolled back to pre-Bush floors, meaning the vast majority of individuals may once again see their life’s efforts and savings taxed on death.

Mr. Dreiling is available to review your current estate plan in light of the recent Bail Out Packages that included many changes to the Internal Revenue Code and in anticipation of roll backs of the 2001 changes to the tax code.